Our mission at Harper Ellis Hair Co. is to support stylists in their quest for personal success. We elevate our hand-tied artists not only by providing them access to the highest quality hair extensions on the market but also in offering an unparalleled stylist support network and industry-leading hair education.

In this spotlight, we chat with Colorado-based Harper Ellis hairstylist, Jessica Marie. We are extra excited for Jessie as she is working on a beautiful rebrand! Today, we’re learning all about her career in styling as well as her experience with Harper Ellis hair!

Hi, Jessica Marie! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Jessie, owner of Jessica Marie Hair Co. I grew up in a small town surrounded by sports and family. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to play softball in college, get my business degree, go to cosmetology school, and open my own business. So that I did! I guess you could say I’m a girly tomboy because I love fashion, but I’m also not afraid to get my hands in some dirt every now and again!

I love to travel any opportunity I get, and I love connecting with new people. Being my own boss is the best part of having your own business — you can create a lifestyle that YOU want and not have anyone tell you no!

We would love to know what’s brought you to where you are now! What can you tell us about your career as a hairstylist?

My career as as stylist has been nothing short of amazing. I have taken more risks these last four years than I could have ever imagined which has led me to be the thriving stylist I am today. 

Starting out as a stylist, my mindset was to get as many clients as I could in my chair and build my clientele rapidly. I was becoming a “yes” person to literally everyone, and I quickly became resentful. I had reached the burnout stage.

It was during that burnout phase that I found a hair extensions training in California. Little did I know, it instantly changed my entire career path! It was more than just a hair extensions training — it was extensive business and life coaching that I will forever be grateful for. After years of training with this company, I completely changed my entire clientele to exclusively hand-tied hair extensions. I basically started over, but it was so worth it.

On the business side of things, it made so much more sense. Higher ticket prices equals more dollars per hour! I can see less clients in one day and still make double the income. It’s like music to my ears!

Don’t get me wrong, I have had TONS of hiccups throughout this transition, but it always leads me down a different path that has led to more opportunities. My biggest take away thus far in my career would be to take the risks and run with it! Continuing education is one of the most important pieces of information I can ever give to any stylist. Pay the ticket price, do the work and know your worth!!

Can you tell us why you choose to use hand-tied extensions and why you use Harper Ellis’s hair?

Well first of all, what an honor it is to be selected as one of the Harper Ellis Spotlight Stylists the month! Being part of the Harper Ellis family is such a privilege. They always makes a point to make you feel appreciated and loved by their company. They are personable and truly care about our success. What stylist wouldn’t want to be part of that tribe?! This company and the people behind it are my people for life!

I choose to use Harper Ellis hair because they 100% stand behind their product and are hands down the most educated in the hand-tied world. The quality of the hair is amazing and the colors are beautiful! One of my very favorite things about Harper Ellis hair is that we get to purchase the hand-tied hair by the weft. It makes it way more customizable for the client and showcases our work even better!! I’m a Harper Ellis girl through and through! And of course, it doesn’t hurt that Terra is my favorite human on earth!

We love you, too, Jessie!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your work with us this month!

If you’re a fellow stylist or a hair extensions lover out in Colorado, be sure to follow with Jessie on Instagram!

Jessica Marie’s Latest Harper Ellis Transformations

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