When you’re feeling restless about your hair, what’s the first thing you think about changing? If we were to guess . . . we would guess COLOR! This summer, we’re seeing fun new hair color trends from platinum blonde to brilliant reds.

When we created Harper Ellis Hair, we created it with custom coloring in mind. Our hair is silicone-free, which means it allows for the ultimate, seamless blend with your own hair. It also means that your hair extensions can be dyed to match your dream hair color. That’s why you should be sure to tell your stylist that you want Harper Ellis Hair!

Now, which of these new hair color trends do you want to rock this summer? Sound off in the comments!

Ginger Brunette

This shade is ideal for darker skin tones, which makes the perfect summer hair color for 2020! Get your tan on, then hit the salon for this fun summer hair color.

Silvery Blonde

Khaleesi blondes are here to stay! And don’t fret about those root refreshes — dark roots are in!  

Chocolate Brown with a Hint of Blush

Who doesn’t love just a hint of blush? And you certainly don’t have to have a lighter base color to rock a pop of pastel. We adore the subtlety of this look! 

hair color trend blush

Caramel & Honey

This might be our favorite autumn hair color, so much so that we would sport it year round.  

Strawberry Blonde Meets Bold Copper

Our CEO, Terra, has been slaying this trendy hair color. She’ll tell you it’s her dream hair, and we can see why. It’s sure to turn heads wherever you go!  

Reds & Pinks

Did this start on TikTok? It seems like everyone is ready to take the leap and rock a bold pink or red hue. If you’re looking for something bold to do this summer, this is one of the most fun hair colors to try! Of course, you can always add even MORE color to this look!  

Now, if you’re a stylist looking for the ultimate custom color class, we’ve got you covered! Next week, we’ll be teaching a Custom Color Class LIVE online! On June 22nd, you can watch from home as we answer questions live and show you how you can get your custom colors right every time without the stress!