Want to know something that makes Harper Ellis Hair Co. different than other hair extensions companies? We are always answering questions in our Instagram DMs! Whether you have questions about how many grams a weft of hair is or how to protect your hair from sunscreen, we’re here for you at the click of a “Message” button!

Today, we’re answering some of the questions we get most in our DMs. Chances are, we’ll be answering one or two (or more!) of your burning questions about Harper Ellis hair! 

Q: How many grams are your hand-tied wefts?

A: Our grammage varies by length. Our 14″ hair is 12g, the 18″ is 15g, and the 22″ is 20g. Unlike most hair extensions suppliers, our hair is sold by individual wefts. This makes it easier for you to get creative and mix and match colors for that perfect blend and natural look.

Each Harper Ellis hand-tied weft is double-drawn and 12” wide.

Q: How many wefts do I need?

A:We recommend using between 150-170 grams of hair, depending on the client and their desired result. Just divide by whichever weft-weight you are using (14’’, 18’’, or 22’’) to help determine how many wefts you will need to order!

Q: I don’t see your pricing online? How can I access your hair prices?

A: To view our prices and purchase hair, you will need to register for a free account. Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to log in, view pricing, and order away!.

Q: Can I get certified in the Harper Ellis Method online?

A: YES! Our Digital Academy is available online so that you can learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace! When you purchase the Digital Academy, we’ll mail you our Harper Ellis Essentials Kit with everything you need to learn, including practice hair! All you need is your own doll head and tripod. 

Once you complete the Digital Academy, you’ll enter into a 2-week mentorship with our CEO, Terra Harvell, so that you can ask questions and perfect the method! After your mentorship is complete, you will be certified in the Harper Ellis Method!

Q: Are you offering any more in-person hair extensions classes?

We are! Terra is hosting a Private Method and Mentoring class at her home salon in Fort Smith, Arkansas on Sunday, September 20, 2020. This is the perfect chance to learn from Terra in a small, intimate setting. You can get your ticket here!

We’ll also be announcing more classes and educational opportunities soon, so be sure to join our email list!

Q: Will sunscreen discolor my hair extensions?

A: Sunscreen will discolor your hair, especially if you’re a blonde! We recommend doing everything in your power to keep your hair away from sunscreen. Keep your hair up off your shoulders in a bun or secure braid, and try to avoid spray sunscreens. 

Swimming is also risky with extensions! We recommend keeping your hair out of water, but if you want to take dip, be sure to get your hair wet first with clean water. Dry hair is like a sponge, soaking up all of the chemicals in a pool, for example. Getting it wet first will act as a barrier! As soon as you get out, rinse your hair with clean water again.

For more tips on maintaining your hair extensions, check out our ultimate hair extensions care guide!

We hope we’ve answered one of your hair extensions questions here! At Harper Ellis, we believe in supporting our stylists fully, so remember, you can always send questions via email (support@harperellishair.com) or reach us in our DMs! We’re here for you!

Cheers to success,

Terra + the Harper Ellis Team