These are our professional recommendations, methods/steps we personally use to maximize the longevity of  Harper Ellis Extensions.

1: Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb

2: Apply Brazilian Bond builder b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser leave for 30 min to open the cuticles

3: Soak in water for 2 hours to rehydrate

4: Dip in Vinegar & rinse to close the cuticles

5: Towel Dry

6: Apply Brazilian Bond Builder + b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner leave for 1 hour

7: Rinse and blow dry with low heat setting

8: Style using low heat (250*)

At Home Care:



Ionic Extension Refresh

Professional In-Salon Use:

Ionic Extension Cleanser

Absolutely no sulfates, paragons, and no proteins.

Style using low heat 250* and low blow dry setting.