The newest hype from Brazilian Bond Builder is their extension line, B3 E.

We jumped on board from the get-go, because as you know, I LOVE innovative products.

But… we’ve made a discovery.

What we have discovered is this system must be used correctly in order for it to be effective as an extension treatment.

There have been cases brought to my attention of the system being used improperly and thus resulting in various issues with the hair, including tangling or dryness.

So let’s break this down…

The line features a shampoo, conditioner & spray. The entire system must be used together… EVERY time.

The shampoo is used to blow open the cuticle of the hair. The conditioner goes in and strengthens the cuticle to make the hair last longer, like a bond builder. The spray is used to close down and seal the cuticle.

Read that again CLOSE THE CUTICLE.

This is VITAL to the health of your hair. As stylist, we know the importance of a closed cuticle. It is the source of strength and shine for your hair. This step is so highly important that I cannot emphasize it enough.

So here’s HOW to use this system:

  1. Lather your hair at the scalp and allow the shampoo suds to run towards your ends. Do NOT re-apply/lather shampoo on the ends of your hair. The runoff from the shampoo on your head will be enough to cleanse your length without physically “washing” the hair, which can cause your hair to become rougher or more tangled.
  2. After thoroughly rinsing your hair, condition the length of your hair thoroughly. Leave the conditioner on for approximately 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  3. SHAKE THE SPRAY. If you do not shake the Ionic Extension Refresh spray, you are essentially spraying water on the hair. The amino acids sink to the bottom of the bottle so the bottle MUST be shaken to activate the proteins and allow them to reach the hair. Generously spray your hair, from the point of installation to your ends.
  4. Finish styling as normal as recommended in my Hair Extension Care Guide!