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Since the beginning, Harper Ellis Hair Co. has had one driving force… You, the stylist.

And our mission has NEVER changed.

We are holding NOTHING back!

A message from Terra :

Hey everyone!

As a long-time hair extensions artist, I have attended A LOT of educational events. 

I’m excited to offer an event that is all inclusive – meaning you get what you pay for. We will send you back out the door completely ready for what’s ahead of you as a hair extensions artist. 

This event is fully comprehensive from start to finish. 

We aren’t holding ANYTHING back. 

There’s no fluff in this education. We are confident when we say that this is THE educational event of the year.

So, let’s get down to business…

Let’s talk SALON REALITY. 

Let’s dive into what its really like to manage a thriving hair extensions clientele. 

And let’s get REAL about YOUR BUSINESS behind the chair.

We’re excited to shoot you straight and hand you the keys to success as an extension artist!

We are proud to bring you the method made for salon reality brought to you by salon owner & Harper Ellis Hair Co. founder, Terra Harvell and her talented team. We are excited to share with you, the most innovative & reliable method on the market.

At this event, you will learn the revolutionary Harper Ellis Method front to back. We will cover everything from fully and completely, and you will leave with a new-found confidence and feeling inspired.

The Harper Ellis Method has been tried and tested, and both our clients and the stylists are amazed with the results. Our method is :

Quick & Efficient – This method is built from stylists who actually manage a high-traffic, extension clientele on a daily basis. As stylists, our TIME IS MONEY. One of our own stylists did a complete installation using our method in 45 MINUTES. Can you imagine that?! This is a game-changer in managing your time-per-client behind the chair.

Safe – Our method ensures that the integrity of your client’s hair and scalp remain in the best condition possible. Our sectioning was created to cause minimal traveling of your clients hair – resulting in NO harmful tension.

Comfortable – Of the hundreds of clients wearing our method, we are consistently hearing “no more Tylenol needed during installs!” and they happily experience comfortable night of sleep, from DAY ONE! No more soreness!

Reliable – Terra feels confident leaving the salon after performing this method on client’s in other states & cities. She knows it will stand the test of time and does not worry about receiving client complaints, after she leaves. We want YOU to have the same confidence after your client walks out the door and feel totally at ease when you go on vacation, etc.

Concealed Bead – Yes! Our method 100% conceals the bead, eliminating those annoying peek throughs. Truly a game changer!


Learn directly from master extension artists, and perfect your knowledge of our game breaking Concealed Bead Method. Our classes are designed for optimal “hands on” time, so you walk away a full understanding of the method and feeling confident!

Learn directly from Terra as she dives into salon reality and fully covers topics such as “Mastering the Art of the Consultation”, pricing, and many other high detail discussions designed to give you a full understanding of the business side of the extension game.

Want to know the exact marketing strategy used to turn not only turn Terra’s salon, Salon 504, into a mulit-million dollar producing salon, but also the strategy used to grow Harper Ellis Hair Co. into what it is today? Join Casey Hicks, CMO of Harper Ellis, and leave with a clear blueprint on how you can explode your business and start making the kind of money that can help you make an impact in the world. You will also learn super simple advertising secrets to reaching the people that matter to your business on Facebook & Instagram!

Want to know the secrets to building your brand, and creating your ultimate lifestyle business? We are honored to have Caroline Kalentzos, @thecarolinedoll bring you an amazing heart to heart talk that will leave you breathless!

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Terra Harvell — owner and co-founder of Harper Ellis Hair Co. & Harper Ellis Academy, as well as owner of Salon Five Zero Four — has built a flourishing business behind the chair for nearly a decade.

After mastering the artistry of the business, Terra quickly realized you must provide the FULL package in order to be an industry leader — and that is what she set out to do!

Over the course of Terra’s career, she mastered both the business & marketing side of this industry. Her dream is to share her valuable knowledge in hopes that it will help other stylist find as much success as she has found!

Creighton Ellis started his career at Salon Five Zero, quickly advancing to Master Stylist and Extensionist.

His passion for studying hand-tied extensions lead him to seek certifications in multiple methods, and quickly become one of the top Extensionists around. As an innovator of the Harper Ellis Method, and working behind the chair full-time, it allows Creighton to consistently monitor what is safe, reliable, and efficient!

Casey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Harper Ellis Hair Co., and the marketing brains behind several multi-million dollar companies. He is the author of several marketing books, including “YouTube Breakthrough” and “Your Business is Not About Your Business”, as well as the creator of several popular online training courses during the early 2010’s.

He has worked with Terra for years inside the salon industry, and is highly passionate about helping other stylists achieve the same levels of success using  simple and actionable marketing strategies.

The Harper Ellis Academy is a game changing event, and we know you will leave being equipped with the information and training you need to take yourself to the next level.

You will be educated, inspired, informed and ready to attack your passion for this immensely rewarding career like never before!

Demand and interest for our events is already through the roof! In order to keep the training as intimate as possible, and as well to ensure we are able to answer each and every one of your questions completely and fully, we only have a limited number of seats available.

You’ll want to get your seat as quickly as possible, because prices are subject to change as availability decreases. 


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