The story of our hair originates in rural communities & municipalities across Western China, where our hair is donated or traded for fair compensation by the local people of these regions.

Stylists in these  localities may also submit hair from their clients to our specialists. Our hair sourcing experts then carefully examine each donation of hair & decide which contributions are fit to move forward to the manufacturing level. The hair is then hand-crafted into wefts and sent to us – Harper Ellis Hair Co. – in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

We offer hand-tied artist expertly sourced, silicone-free hair that offer the artist creative freedom to cut & color the wefts as they desire.

We also offer an array of shades cultivated from an extensive & mindful coloring process that results in fade-resistant, brass free colors and cool tonalities. This unique dying process also allows for the stylist to custom color our wefts with ease.

Our silicone-free hair allows for the ultimate, seamless blend with your client’s natural hair. Harper Ellis hair is slightly textured; meaning when air-dried, it offers a soft, non-frizzy wave which allows for an even greater cohesive blend with most natural hair.

Harper Ellis hair is carefully crafted in a way that allows stylists to custom-tailor the wefts to your client’s head. When trimmed properly (& glued correctly), our wefts will no shed or unravel after being cut.

You’ll love our super full, double-drawn wefts. Our hair is equally full from top to bottom, which makes for flawless custom-cutting and blending.

We are proud of our narrow weft seams. Our super small, hand-tied seam allow for the thinnest weft-stacking possible, so that even your finest-haired clients can hide their installation.

100% Guarantee

We stand behind our stylists!

This means we are here to aid you – the artist – in our personal quest for success, education & support in this ever changing and immensely rewarding career.

Our customer support team of hairstylists is here for YOU.

Our team of top-notch hand-tied artists are happy to help you color match, formulate, & even set up classes in your salon to further your education as a hair extension artist!

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